Biotea - Pear & Lichi fruit tea

Sweet, delicious and fruity liqueur with the marked flavors of lychee and pear together in a light and pleasant infusion for the palate
45,35 ₾

Biotea - English Breakfast

This tea has a strong and spicy aroma and flavor, enhanced by a subtle, typically British hint of bitterness. Ideal with a cloud of milk
39,90 ₾

Biotea - Earl Grey Black tea

A classic flavor of great delicacy. The subtlety and freshness of bergamot are combined with this delicious Himalayan black tea
43,50 ₾

Biotea - Darjeeling tea

Beautiful fall harvest from a prestigious high-altitude garden, which results in a copper-colored liquor with a very pronounced flavor that reminds us of ripe fruits. PGI *: Protected Geographical Indication
45,85 ₾

Biotea - Rooibos

This energetic, sun-filled, theine-free drink from the confines of South Africa bewitches us like a ritual dance. Rooibos is eaten hot or frozen throughout the day
39,20 ₾

Biotea - Vanilla tea

Sophisticated perfume enhanced with vanilla combined with a superior quality black tea
41,35 ₾