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Coffee Pods

Ristretto 100 SERVINGS

The delicacy of Arabica, the strength of Robusta: a coffee with a generous body
171,60 ₾

Petit Producteurs

All the complexity of the aromas of the best vintages in the world in a balanced and aromatic coffee with a slightly acidic dominant flavor
171,60 ₾

La Tierra

An exceptional organic coffee, obtained from fair trade, slowly roasted in the old way and with a deep, fine and pleasantly perfumed flavor
189,70 ₾


Fruity and delicate coffee. Develops an aromatic balance around seductive notes of red fruits. PGI: Protected Geographical Indication
189,70 ₾

Moka Ethiopia

A dazzling, classy coffee of rare distinction, with hints of fruit, wild and apricot
189,70 ₾

Deca Aqua

A gourmet decaffeinated coffee that offers the best coffee aromas, without caffeine and without solvents
200,35 ₾

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