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Coffee Pods

Honduras - Guatemala - CE

You'll find sweetness and harmony in this tangy, full-bodied coffee that reveals the woody and gingerbread notes of these two sublime vintages
31,75 ₾

Brazil Sul de Minas

Generous and intense coffee, slightly bitter, which is revealed on the palate by its persistence
28,70 ₾

Colombia Supremo - Fair Trade

Fruity and delicate coffee. Develops an aromatic balance around seductive notes of red fruits. PGI: Protected Geographical Indication
31,75 ₾

Ethiopia Moka - Organic & Fair Trade

A dazzling, classy coffee of rare distinction, with hints of fruit, wild and apricot
31,75 ₾

Cuba de Santiago

An exceptional vintage, full-bodied, permanent in the mouth and finely sour, revealing delicate notes of cocoa, caramel, tobacco and grapes
28,70 ₾

Grande Reserve 100 Dose

Voluptuous and elegant coffee, a complex pairing of various arabica with a fine, aromatic and fruity flavor
171,60 ₾

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