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Old-fashioned roasted coffee, strong, persistent and finely acidified with hints of dried fruit. GROUND COFFEE CUBA SANTIAGO Franco-Cuban coffee growers, who settled in the province of Oriente, Cuba since the 19th century, contributed to the development of the region. The old farms were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000, as their ruins reflect the Golden Age of coffee cultivation, which still produces some of the best coffee in the world. Co-financed by the European Union, the Office of the Curator of the City of Santiago de Cuba and the Malongo Foundation, Los Caminos del Café implements an exciting responsible tourism program, which includes the restoration of an old mansion in the historic heart of the city of Santiago (Casa Dranguet) and the rehabilitation of old cafeterias in the surroundings, including the famous Fraternity.
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A deliciously acidic coffee, marked by citrus, spring notes and a long finish. It is a perfect accompaniment for chocolate desserts. GROUND COFFEE BOLIVIA LA ASUNTA The production of this crop is at the center of a program to develop coffee plantations to replace surplus coca crops. The coffee, which meets high quality standards, represents a viable agricultural alternative for local communities. A roadmap has been established between Malongo, the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) and the Bolivian authorities, based on support for production, infrastructure development and orientation towards organic certification and fair trade. The project allows producers to benefit from the necessary equipment to accompany the coffee transformation process after the harvest and thus promote the production of a high-quality raw material, which contributes to guaranteeing food security for families.
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This full-bodied and lingering coffee on the palate reveals excellent chocolate notes and a roasted flavor. LAO GROUND COFFEE The Bolaven Plateau Coffee Nicknamed "the source of coffee in Laos", the Bolaven Plateau enjoys unique geoclimatic conditions in the world, which have allowed it to produce, for more than a century, exceptional high-altitude coffees, treated by the wet route and certified as organic. and fair trade since 2009. A partnership between Malongo and small local producers has allowed them to promote their product. The cooperative brings together more than 1,800 producer families from 55 towns. These coffee growers master the entire process to make their coffee with excellence.
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