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This coffee has an excellent aromatic complexity and a perfect balance between bitterness and acidic flavors. A very refined variety GROUND COFFEE MEXICO VERACRUZ Malongo highlights the Veracruz region, in eastern Mexico. This coffee, grown at an altitude of 1000 m to 1250 m, is the fruit of the work of 400 small producers united within a group of cooperatives, INCAFESAM. By grouping their crops, they gain more weight in the market. INCAFESAM was launched by Malongo to support several cooperatives in the state of Veracruz and its surroundings. By grouping together, the cooperatives have been able to relaunch their activity. INCAFESAM has proven its effectiveness and plans to integrate new cooperatives soon. The grinding of this pot is intended to prepare filter coffee. We recommend a serving of 60 g of coffee per 1 L of water to perform an adequate filtration and capture all the flavors of this Mexican harvest. To enjoy with a fruit or dried fruit dessert.
43,20 ₾

Moka d'Ethiopie BIO MH

This full-bodied coffee with fruity apricot notes accompanies all kinds of desserts, from the sweetest to the most complete ETHIOPIA GROUND COFFEE Ethiopia produces an exceptional crop that grows on small farms in the Sidamo region. Traditionally cultivated following ancient customs and harvested by hand, this coffee is an integral part of the local culture and is the main object of a ceremony that can last two hours. In this region, coffee trees are widespread. This agroforestry system mixes large trees, (often) bananas, coffee trees, and annuals. This harmonious production method allows the sustainable exploitation of the soil and the conservation of the environment.
31,45 ₾


A voluptuous and elegant coffee, a complex pairing of various arabica with a fine, aromatic and fruity flavor. LA GRANDE RÉSERVE GROUND COFFEE An unmissable vintage for connoisseurs, a true reference! A rigorous and subtle choice of the best Arabica vintages (the least common). It combines intensity and richness, softness and liveliness with a sumptuous sense of harmony. Ideal to accompany chocolate desserts.
55,95 ₾

Cafe Oriental

Malongo Cafe Oriental ground is a mixture of Ethiopian Arabica beans, medium roasted and ground specially for Turkish cooking. Gentle roasting and finest grinding make this product ideal for preparing oriental coffee. Just 1 teaspoon of coffee "dust" for each cup of ready-made drink, and you will receive excellent hot and aromatic coffee. To preserve the freshness of Malongo Cafe Oriental ground coffee, it is packed in 250 g each in metal cans with a tight plastic lid. In such a container, all essential oils will remain unchanged, even despite very fine grinding. The bright and attractive design of the can indicates that this coffee belongs to the oriental tradition. Malongo Cafe Oriental ground coffee is created by real professionals in their field.
20,25 ₾ 33,60 ₾


A gourmet decaffeinated coffee that offers the best of coffee aromas without caffeine and without solvents.
38,80 ₾

ELYSEE - Ground Coffee

For the Elysée range of products, Malongo has developed a complex coffee association with notes of red berries, apricot and liquorice. A blend of three Arabicas To create these references, we have selected three emblematic Arabicas from our range: Mexico, Ethiopia and Laos . Support the restoration of the Palace The Elysée brand offers products made in France that help finance the restoration of the palace. In fact, all profits from the store go towards preserving this 300-year-old heritage. The objective of the Elysée brand is also to encourage companies that give life to the French territories, reward the talents of our country and value local know-how. In keeping with Malongo's values, these coffees are all fair trade and organic. A QR CODE placed on the side of the can provides information on the origins used and also highlights the quality of the work of the small producers who grow these coffees while respecting local biodiversity. The recyclable metal cans contain a complex mix with notes of red berries, apricot and liquorice.
38,75 ₾

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