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L’Express Bio CE

The best harvests, carefully selected from the great origins of coffee, have brought about this rare, smooth and creamy coffee with an overwhelming aroma and a true flavour. Traditional roasting enhances the richness of its flavours and produces a fruity and aromatic coffee.
29,70 ₾


This Arabica from Central America, with its fruity aroma, was lightly roasted according to traditional method “in 20 minutes”, ensuring the original properties of the grain are retained.This coffee is vacuum packed to allow customers to enjoy the taste of a rich, smooth and creamy expresso, combined with the strength and finesse of a quality Arabica.
27,75 ₾

Peru - Expresso

A fine grind, very suitable for EXPRESS extraction. This extraction method highlights the notes of raisins, red fruits and almonds of this delicate and finely acidulated vintage PERU EXPRESSO GROUND COFFEE In northwestern Peru, the province of San Ignacio is home to a remarkable natural reserve for its fauna and flora: the Tabaconas Incia Namballe National Sanctuary - SNT. The producers of the Alto Ihuamaca people, very close to this protected natural reserve, cultivate between 1600 and 1700 m above sea level excellent varieties of arabica, in the shade of the "cloud forests" typical of this ecosystem of the Andean plateau
40,25 ₾


Medium grinding, suitable for extraction by FILTRATION. This brewing method will fully reveal the character of this coffee, sweet and pleasantly tangy, with delicate notes of hazelnut and raisins RWANDA GROUND COFFEE FILTRATION In western Rwanda, on picturesque Lake Kivu, coffee growers on the volcanic island of Gishamwana cultivate several hectares of Arabica bourbon coffee trees at 1,450 m above sea level. The cherries are fully processed on site, following an original fermentation process that gives this rare vintage a particularly sweet flavor. This micro-lot comes from 50 of the 400 bags that the island can produce annually. On Lake Kivu, at an altitude of 1450 m west of the Republic of Rwanda, is the island of Gishamwana, "the island of coffee". Its 15 hectares totally planted with 35,000 coffee trees have all the necessary facilities for the production of a micro-lot of very special quality.
40,25 ₾

Zimbabwe Farfell

Exceptional fragrance, moderate body and good persistence on the palate for this finely acidic coffee. Perfectly accompanies fine and balanced desserts ZIMBABWE FARFELL GROUND COFFEE Malongo highlights the Chipingue region and the FARFELL plantation. The FARFELL plantation is an exceptional place nestled in ancient volcanic massifs. It is located in the vicinity of a giant mahogany forest. Some of them have carbon 14 that are more than 2000 years old. It is located on a rocky peak near Mozambique, a country with little relief. Therefore, FARFELL receives rainfall from the Indian Ocean, which guarantees ideal rainfall. In the past, Malongo has forged very close relationships with this plantation, which is why we are extremely pleased to offer this harvest. The coffee has been ground for its preparation by filtration method, to underline its beautiful aromatic palette. We suggest using the HARIO and CHEMEX coffee machines to prepare your filter coffee.
43,20 ₾

Ethiopie Sidamo

A flavored filtration, which presents a good lingering in the mouth and seductive wild notes of leather, flowers and citrus ETHIOPIA SIDAMO GROUND COFFEE Malongo highlights the Sidamo region in Ethiopia. In the shade of acacia trees, growers grow this pure arabica in rich volcanic soil, between 1800m and 2000m above sea level. It comes from the province of Sidamo, the most important wet-processed coffee production area in the country, located in the heart of the Great Rift Valley. This harvest has been ground to prepare coffee by filtration method. Malongo allows you to reconnect with the pleasure of filter coffee, a gentle method that allows you to discover all the aromatic nuances of coffee.
43,20 ₾

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