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Small Growers

A balanced and aromatic coffee with a slightly acidic dominant flavor GROUND COFFEE PETITS PRODUCTEURS - L'ORIGINAL A coffee obtained from fair trade and grown by small producers! Enjoy all the complexity of the aromas of the best vintages in the world in a balanced and aromatic coffee with a slightly acidic dominant flavor. Its Max Havelaar label guarantees the consumer a high quality coffee grown in an artisanal way, which complies with strict control. By proposing this fair trade harvest, we teamed up with MAX HAVELAAR in order to achieve equity before profit. This translates into buying coffee directly from the cooperatives of small producers, to avoid intermediaries; purchase crops at a guaranteed minimum price, protecting them from fluctuations in world coffee prices and paying for them even in the event of a drop in prices; and pre-finance crops to avoid chronic debts and allow a harmonious development, without restrictions. Likewise, long-lasting security is also achieved with a guarantee of long-term contracts and insurance of regular points of sale that allows the maintenance of local activity
30,10 ₾

La Tierra BIO CE

A coffee with a deep and fine flavor, pleasantly flavored GROUND COFFEE LA TIERRA Grown in the shade and harvested by hand, this blend of pure arabica is the fruit of the knowledge of small farmers, landowners who work without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. An exceptional organic and fair trade coffee, slowly roasted in the old way and with a deep, fine and pleasantly aromatized flavor.
32,45 ₾


Balanced in flavors and aromas, this round-bodied and enveloping coffee has delicate notes of nuts CARAT GROUND COFFEE With a blend expertly developed from grains of the most noble origins, CARAT reveals all the mastery and knowledge of MALONGO. Balanced in flavors and aromas, this round-bodied and enveloping coffee will captivate the most demanding gourmet palates with its fine complexity and delicate notes of nuts. CARAT's specially studied packaging allows it to preserve all the freshness and subtlety of its intense aromas
32,45 ₾

MEXICO El Triunfo - Bio CE Fairtrade organic

This excellent quality arabica coffee is produced in Chiapas (south western Mexico) using a method of agriculture that respects the exceptional wealth of the local environment. The El Triunfo reserve abounds in plant species that provide the canopy used to grow coffee under shade. This round, full, and slightly acidic coffee lingers on the palette and is intensely aromatic revealing delicate woody and floral notes.
32,45 ₾

LAOS Bolovens Plateau - Fairtrade organic

Nicknamed "Source of Lao coffee", the Bolovens plateau enjoys unique geo-climatic conditions in the world, which have enabled it to produce exceptional coffees for over a century LAOS GROUND COFFEE The Bolaven Plateau coffee Nicknamed "the source of Laos coffee", the Bolaven Plateau enjoys unique geoclimatic conditions in the world, which have allowed it to produce exceptional high-altitude coffees, wet-treated and certified organic for more than a century and fair trade since 2009. A partnership between Malongo and small local producers has allowed them to promote their product. The cooperative brings together more than 1800 producer families from 55 villages. These coffee growers master the entire process to make their coffee with excellence
32,45 ₾

Italian Style

The elegant aromas of this rich and upscale coffee invite you to a pure moment of dolce vita ITALIAN STYLE The elegant aromas of this coffee invite you to a pure moment of dolce vita . An intense and classy blend, produced by Malongo with the same thoroughness as baristas (Italian masters of espresso making). To taste strong, as in Rome!
26,80 ₾

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