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Pur Papouasie

A coffee with a flavored and tangy flavor with notes of toasted hazelnuts and praline. A wonder of balance. PURE PAPUA GROUND COFFEE This arabica comes from New Guinea, an exotic island in Oceania with mountainous terrain and a hot and humid climate that produces a coffee with an aromatic and acidic flavor. Due to its noble origins and its cultivation in full shade, it is among the best in the world. The plots are located about 1500 m above sea level and benefit from a cool climate with abundant rainfall, ideal for the development of coffee trees. Shade trees protect coffee trees from the wind, sun, and heavy rains. These conditions make it possible to grow old botanical varieties of very good quality and to perpetuate this exceptional harvest.
66,10 ₾

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain is a very rare Arabica, extremely refined and highly flavored BLUE MOUNTAIN JAMAICA GROUND COFFEE Grown on the highest plateaus of Jamaica, Blue Mountain is a highly refined, very rare Arabica. Superbly flavored and barely acidic, this coffee is a sweet, very fine product with delicate aromas that only a privileged few can still savor today. His balance is perfect. Blue Mountain is the only coffee exported in wooden barrels. Previously, Jamaican exporters reused the barrels used to age rum, since the wood in contact with the coffee gave it a very special aroma. Today, barrels are no longer used for this purpose, but by tradition (and marketing element) this practice has been maintained.
315,15 ₾


Decaffeinated with water, without solvents, for a high quality coffee DOLCE GROUND COFFEE Nothing is more frustrating than loving coffee and not being able to drink it for fear of not being able to sleep. With this coffee, you will no longer have that fear, as it is very low in caffeine. In order to bear the "decaffeinated" designation, a coffee must not contain more than 0.01% caffeine. The water decaffeination process is gentle and natural, and slowly removes caffeine, without subjecting the coffee to the slightest chlorinated solvent or gas.
66,10 ₾


A very fine and very subtle coffee with giant beans, of a rare variety MARAGOGYPE GROUND COFFEE Magnificent giant beans: bluish, almost shiny beans, from which we extract a coffee with a strong aroma, full body and an intense color. The Maragogype variety is known for the giant size of its coffee beans.
75,75 ₾

Purs Matins Bio CE

Special coffee for breakfast. The perfect sweetness for long coffees and light enough to enjoy it with milk PURS MATINS GROUND COFFEE With a mixture of the best arabicas, this coffee was created to accompany that pleasant moment of breakfast. To ensure perfect digestion, the waxes have been removed from this coffee in a gentle and healthy process using steam. Therefore, it offers the perfect sweetness for long coffees and light enough to enjoy it with milk. Thanks to the old-fashioned roasting process, it will surprise you with its remarkable richness of aroma
32,45 ₾

Supremo d'Arabica

A great vintage, very fine, flavored, slightly fruity and persistent on the palate SÛPREMO D'ARABICA GROUND COFFEE This is a subtle blend of some of the most prestigious arabica in the world, slowly roasted old-fashioned, hand ground and immediately vacuum packed in a metal box that preserves its sweet flavor until tasting. This great vintage is to coffees what exceptional vintages are to champagnes. This subtle pairing of the most prestigious arabica in the world captivates with its delicacy.
30,30 ₾

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