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Malongo ethics are based on respect for the product, for the environment and for the men and women working the land. Official recognition of these values by external organisations is essential. We hold certification in various fields such as fair trade, organic farming, the protection of the environment and food safety.


Fair Trade



Malongo committed to the Fairtrade/Max Havelaar label, co-founded by Father Van der Hoff, from the 1990’s.  Fairtrade International acts as a relay for Fairtrade Max Havelaar in several countries, creating a partnership that defines international fair trade standards. In France, Max Havelaar France promotes the label and helps to organise various events.


Fair Trade



WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) is one of the oldest fair trade networks, and allocates its label to organisations. This ethical policy covers all company activities. WFTO maintains traditional fair trade targets: improving the lifestyle of the growers and creating a fairer business model. WFTO bases its activities on 12 principles in relation to ethical, social, economic, ecological and cultural factors.


Organic Farming


Many Malongo products hold the organic “AB”  label, applying strict specifications to guarantee that the product was grown using ecological techniques without fertilisers or pesticides. In order to obtain this certification, organic coffee must successfully pass various tests organised by independent official international labels such as ECOCERT in producing countries and AB in France.





This prestigious mark of recognition, the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV – Living heritage company) label, singles out the cream of French companies, those that demonstrate excellent artisanal and industrial know-how. The label aims to reward Malongo’s commitment to traditional slow roasting techniques



ISO 14001


ISO 14001 certification covers the management of the environmental impact of our activities. This standard is based on the concept of continuous improvements, and defines the rules used to reconcile the operational requirements of the firm with the protection of the environment.



ISO 50001


ISO 50001 certification applies to energy management. This standard certifies that our company applies a policy aiming to control and reduce energy use. On this basis, Malongo has launched technical tools in order to closely track energy use


Health and safety

ISO 45001


ISO 45001 certification covers health and safety in the workplace, proving our compliance with legislation on risk prevention. The standard is also based on the principle of continuous improvements.



Food safety


“International Food Standard” certification affects all companies transforming food products. This standard certifies the quality of both processes and products. Malongo has maintained its Higher level for a decade.




Citizen-friendly practices


Malongo was the first French company to receive this label. This label was launched in order to reward SMEs for their citizen-friendly practices to the benefit of people, jobs and the environment.

Made in France


Our EK’OH machine has held this label, which guarantees the French origin of the equipment, since July 2014.
Origine France Garantie certification provides consumers with clear information on the origin of a product and allows companies to highlight their belief in products made in France