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A smooth and light raw coffee with discreet notes of freshly cut grass. COFFEE BEANS NICARAGUA MATAGALPA This coffee is native to several departments in the northwest of Nicaragua. Agriculture, the country's main economic resource, employs 40% of the active population. Coffee is one of the main export crops in the country. Coffee, introduced in the mid-19th century, plays an important role in the country's integration into the world economic system. A large part of coffee production comes from small family farms.
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A sweet, acidic and very aromatic coffee, with notes of red fruits and exotic fruits. PGI: Protected Geographical Indication. COLOMBIA IGP COFFEE BEANS Coffee is one of the main exports in Colombia. It ranks third, after oil and coal. This crop has been grown in small plantations at 1200 m above sea level in the highlands of Colombia. Colombia, like all the production areas of the equatorial line, has two harvests a year: the large one, from October to February, and the small one, in May and June. This particularity allows you to export your production throughout the year.
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Powerful and aromatic coffee with notes of yellow fruits, apricot and jasmine, perfectly balanced. MOKA SIDAMO COFFEE BEANS FROM ETHIOPIA Ethiopia produces an exceptional crop that grows on small farms in the Sidamo region. Traditionally cultivated following ancient customs and harvested by hand, this coffee is an integral part of the local culture and is the main object of a ceremony that can last two hours. In this region, coffee trees are widespread. This agroforestry system mixes large trees, (often) bananas, coffee trees, and annuals. This harmonious production method allows the sustainable exploitation of the soil and the conservation of the environment.
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An intense coffee with an enveloping and generous body, which presents a slightly acidic flavor and an excellent persistence on the palate.
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Finely acidic coffee, very pleasant and with a moderate body. It has pleasant chocolate notes, which will go perfectly with chocolate or spiced desserts. COFFEE BEANS PERU This coffee comes from a cooperative founded in 1970 by five cooperatives that came together to directly export their coffee and thus obtain better prices and share costs. Today, it brings together eight cooperatives and more than 4,500 producers belonging to the Aymara and Quechua ethnic groups. The farms are located mainly in mountainous areas, in the shade of the jungle, where the coffee trees are close to the bananas. Today, the country is one of the main players in the export of coffee obtained from fair trade.
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A very aromatic coffee of exceptional delicacy, with acid nuances and marked hints of red fruits and citrus. KENYA BEANS In the large plantations of the plains of Mount Kenya, west of Nairobi, this coffee is grown, considered a reference by experts in the best varieties of Arabica. The process known as "Kenyan laundering" or "double laundering" has become a hallmark of national identity. The country has thus earned itself one of the most prestigious places in the world for specialty coffees ...
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