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Exceptional fragrance, moderate body and good persistence on the palate for this finely sour coffee with fresh pea notes. ZIMBABWE COFFEE BEANS Only a very small amount of high-quality arabica is produced each year on the Farfell plantation. This plantation is located in the immediate vicinity of a forest of giant mahogany trees, some of which according to carbon 14 dating are 2000 years old! It is located on a rocky peak on the border of Mozambique, a flat country; and therefore directly receives the rains from the Indian Ocean, which guarantees an ideal level of rainfall. In the past, Malongo forged very close relationships with this plantation, which is taking up the coffee business again.
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A special coffee for breakfast. The perfect sweetness to enjoy in a long coffee and light enough to accompany it with milk. LES PURS MATINS COFFEE BEANS This coffee, a blend of the best arabica, was created to accompany your warm breakfast moments. To facilitate a perfect digestion, this coffee has been extracted its waxes through a process with mild and healthy steam. Therefore, it offers the perfect sweetness to enjoy long coffees and light enough to be happily paired with milk. Thanks to its old-fashioned roasting, it will surprise you with its remarkable richness of aromas.
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A full-bodied coffee, permanent in the mouth and finely acidic, offering notes of nuts. Accompany full-bodied desserts made with chocolate or spices COFFEE BEANS CUBA SANTIAGO Franco-Cuban coffee growers, established in eastern Cuba since the 19th century, have contributed to the development of the region. The old farms were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. Their ruins reflect the Golden Age of a coffee industry that still produces one of the best coffees in the world. Co-financed by the European Union, the Office of the Conservator of the City of Santiago de Cuba and the Malongo Foundation, Los Caminos del Café implements an exciting program of responsible tourism, which includes the restoration of an old mansion in the historic heart of the city of Santiago (Casa Dranguet) and the rehabilitation of old coffee plantations in the surroundings, including the famous Fraternidad.
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Six great Arabicas gathered in a fine and tangy blend with beautiful fruity notes. LES SIX ARABICAS COFFEE BEANS A combination of six exceptional arabicas, in a fine and tangy blend with pleasant fruity notes. Long on the palate, it is balanced by its medium body and thus perfectly accompanies strong desserts.
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A persistent and very smooth coffee, quite balanced, with subtle notes of nuts. BRASIL SUL DE MINAS COFFEE BEANS Brazil, the world's leading coffee producer, has a wide variety of flavors depending on their origin. Connoisseurs consider that "Sul de Minas" is the best. Its aroma is intense. Perfectly accompanies strong chocolate desserts (profiteroles, chocolate volcano, fondant, opera, etc.). Coffee arrived in Brazil in the 18th century, and the country became the main producer in the 1840s. Its peak was in the 1920s, when the country exported 80% of the world's coffee.
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A strongly acidic coffee of exceptional finesse thanks to its delicate citrus notes. COFFEE BEANS MARAGOGYPE NICARAGUA Coffee from "giant" maragogype beans, full-bodied. It offers a good persistence in the mouth and combines well with desserts with subtle flavor, dairy desserts and creams. Maragogype is a coffee with giant beans, those from Nicaragua are the largest of all. It is found less and less in America.
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