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LA GRANDE RÉSERVE COFFEE BEANS This combination of the greatest Arabicas combines power and richness, smoothness and liveliness in a sumptuous sense of harmony.
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A gourmet decaffeinated coffee that offers the best coffee aromas, without caffeine and without solvents. DECA AQUA BEAN COFFEE The water decaffeination process is gentle and natural, and slowly removes caffeine, without subjecting the coffee to the slightest chlorinated solvent or gas. With an old-fashioned toasting, DÉCA AQUA preserves intact all the aromatic subtlety of the great organic and fair trade vintages that make it up. Its pure espresso flavor will captivate those who are unwilling or unable to consume caffeine.
40,55 ₾

Jamaica Blue Mountain

A refined and perfectly balanced coffee, with body and permanent in the mouth. It offers a subtle floral aroma and a taste of honey and wood. A coffee known as the best in the world! JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFEE BEANS Grown on the highest plateaus of Jamaica, Blue Mountain is a highly refined, very rare arabica. It is named after the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Today, Jamaica's Blue Mountain designation is specifically delimited. Only crops grown at more than 910 m above sea level, in the heart of the parishes of Saint Andrew, Saint Thomas, Portland and Saint Mary, can benefit from this designation. In addition, to avoid intensive deforestation, it is no longer cultivated above 1,700 m, an altitude that marks the beginning of the protected areas of the mountain range.
240,00 ₾


A coffee with a deep and fine flavor, pleasantly flavored GROUND COFFEE LA TIERRA Grown in the shade and harvested by hand, this blend of pure arabica is the fruit of the knowledge of small farmers, landowners who work without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. An exceptional organic and fair trade coffee, slowly roasted in the old way and with a deep, fine and pleasantly aromatized flavor.
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Slightly strong and finely acidic coffee with fresh spring notes between March and May, and more fruity later. LAOS COFFEE BEANS The Bolaven Plateau coffee The Bolaven Plateau, called "Lao's Coffee Fountain", has unique geoclimatic conditions in the world, allowing it to produce exceptional high altitude coffees, wet-treated and certified organic and sustainable for more than a century. 2009. A collaboration between Malongo and small local producers has allowed them to add value to their product. The cooperative regroups more than 1,800 families of producers from 55 villages. These coffee growers control the entire manufacturing process of their coffee.
37,75 ₾


Very aromatic and strongly acidic, with moderate body and persistence, notes of citrus and red fruits. RWANDA COFFEE BEANS Located in a sumptuous setting on the shores of Lake Kivu, the washing station brings together 250 producers. The latter take the cherry coffee by boat, daily, to the washing station. The Nyamwenda washing station processes 250 tons of coffee every year. A very strict classification of cherries is carried out at the entrance of the center. This is followed by a dry fermentation for 12 hours, followed by a fermentation in water for 24 hours. It is then washed, classified and finally soaked for 20 hours. This rather long process allows to obtain a very sweet coffee, with a fine acidity.
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